East Toronto Village has a mission to provide superior daycare. Children are encouraged to thrive to his or her full potential. As a result, we have a stimulating, fun, safe and secure environment for our kids. Furthermore, we are financially accessible to the community of the Upper Beaches in Toronto.

ETVCC recognizes children as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. ETVCC is dedicated to supporting children’s learning, development, health and well-being through caring and responsive Early Childhood Educators, who focus on active learning, exploration, play and inquiry, and who see children and their families as valuable participants in all aspects of the program.

The foundation of our program is based on the resource document How Does Learning Happen?. Organized around the foundations of belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression, the goals and expectations integrate the six guiding principles of Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT).

At ETVCC we provide a warm, supportive and nurturing environment, where children are respected as individuals and are offered a curriculum to enrich their learning. We strive to cultivate authentic, caring relationships and connections to create a sense of belonging among and between children, adults and the world around them. By responding positively to children’s cues and engaging in reciprocal interactions with them educators support the development of secure relationships which contribute to children’s emotional well-being and provide then with a safe environment in which to learn. Children learn best when they feel safe, secure and comfortable in their surroundings allowing them to discover and express their knowledge and opinions freely in a variety of ways, fostering an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

The staff recognize that all children are individuals with a right to quality early childhood education that is thoughtfully planned and offers developmentally appropriate, meaningful learning opportunities. Research shows that early experiences play an integral role in brain growth and development. The Early Childhood Educators at ETVCC foster communication and expression in all forms. Building strong relationships with families enables families to develop trust, confidence and a sense of belonging within the centre. We view families as important contributors with unique knowledge, experiences and strengths. By exploring connections between home and the early childhood program children’s sense of belonging and feelings of security are strengthened. We nurture children’s healthy development and support their growing sense of self through the opportunity for healthy eating, physical activity and sleep patterns. Educators support children’s development of strategies for self-regulation by enabling them to recognize and modulate their emotional states and impulses and become more aware of the effects of their actions on others.

East Toronto Village

East Toronto Village has excellent staff which is made up of qualified Early Childhood Educators and assistants. As a result, we have a quality program dedicated to your child. Our staff turnover is low and the operators of East Toronto Village support staff development. Therefore, we provide our employees with in-house workshops and reimburse the costs for field-related courses.

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East Toronto Village

Our non-profit, daycare centre was incorporated in 1985. We responded to the area’s need for additional quality daycare for preschool children. As a result, we created these two unique programs, with dedicated staff, to accommodate these age groups. Our Preschool daycare (aged 2.5 to 5 years) and Toddler childcare (Aged 18 months to 2.5 years) Register today!

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