Our school age program will be officially ending at the end of summer 2019. However, we are accepting children for our summer program in July and August of 2019.

ETVCC ideal child care setting:

  • Respects and values individual differences of children, parents and staff.

  • Promotes learning through play.

  • Encourages children to explore and learn within a flexible framework.

  • Promotes social interaction in a warm, loving, trusting environment.

  • Provides appropriate games, toys and equipment to promote learning.

  • Promotes active participation of parents and staff in the operation of the daycare.

  • Invites frequent communication between staff and parents about their child’s progress.

  • Encourages and supports staff in self-directed continuing education and learning.

The School Age program at East Toronto Village Children’s Centre is based on identifying and meeting the child’s mental and physical needs to encourage optimal individual development.


Children traveling between the Centre and classes at Kimberley, Beaches Alternative (BAS), St. John and Adam Beck Public Schools are escorted by the staff at ETVCC. Due to the distance between the schools and the Centre, our ability to offer escort services to morning or afternoon kindergarten sessions at Adam Beck and St. John can change from year to year. So, speak to the Supervisor when you are arranging your child’s kindergarten schedule. Make sure we are able to provide an ETVCC escort, especially if your child will be attending a school other than Kimberley or BAS.

Finally, enrolment at ETVCC does not guarantee a child will be able to attend one of the schools we serve. If a family lives outside the districts for the schools we serve a parent has to apply for Optional Attendance with their school of choice. It is encouraging to note that an application for optional attendance has never been denied in the past.

If parents have their children attending a school other than Kimberley, Beaches Alternative, St. John or Adam Beck, then they are responsible for making their own arrangements for their child/ren to be escorted by an adult or designate at least 14 years of age into and from the Centre.

ETVCC makes every effort to provide escort service which allows children to be able to take advantage of before-school, lunch, and after-school extracurricular activities. Requests are considered on an individual basis. Considering such factors as, the number of children requesting a similar arrangement, our ability to provide staff at the required pick-up or drop-off times and the length of time a staff member will be required to fulfill the escort request. Therefore, our #1 priority will remain the safe and seamless delivery of our daily programs.


Parents need to be aware of who is responsible for children who attend school, when they are on school property. Before the morning entrance bell, at lunch time, and following the afternoon departure bell, there are Board of Education staff members on yard duty at the schools serviced by ETVCC. During these times, if children are on school property, the Board of Education staff members are responsible for the day care children who attend those schools. Even if an ETVCC staff member is also on school property. The times during which Board of Education staff members are on yard duty vary from school to school and from year to year.

ETVCC policy is that our teachers stay with the children until the bells go when escorting to school, and that they are in the school yard when the departure bells ring. However, ETVCC teachers may leave the majority of the children in the school yard when there are Board of Education staff members on yard duty. If, for example, they need to escort a day care child who needs something back at the Centre.

Would recommend this daycare to anyone brilliant facilities, lovely staff and they take great care of the kids. My little boy loves it and will continue his after school here. Superb!

Jennifer Courtney